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(Editor’s note: Each month, the News-Bulletin will feature a profile of a senior citizen active in the community.) Name: Toby Sanchez Age: 78 Family: Wife, Vera Alice; children, Terry and Karen; grandchildren, Geoffrey,...

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Editor: I am researching the description of a small sand viper that was described by early writer Charles Fletcher Lummis. He had written of finding the snake near the “Cerro del Aire” in Valencia County in the late...

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Bicycle paths get go-ahead

The county commission agreed Tuesday to accept bids and award contracts for two bicycle paths for Rio Communities. The 11-mile Rio del Oro Bike Path will begin along the Manzano Expressway. The path will eventually be built near...

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The issue

Belen is taking a huge step forward in finding new uses for some of its old unoccupied buildings. That’s exactly the way it should be done because, otherwise, unoccupied buildings can become the target of vandalism or...

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