The Belen City Council gave its seal of approval to the municipality’s city manager, police chief and fire chief on Monday.

With unanimous votes, the panel of elected officials confirmed the continuing appointed positions of Sally Garley as city manager, Paul Skotchdopole as police chief and Wayne Gallegos as fire chief.

“When you have the best, why change it?” Mayor Ronnie Torres said. “Sally is one of the best city managers. She has the experience and dedication to run this city.”

“It is nice to be able to have stability in who we appoint,” Councilor Rudy Jaramillo said. “We have an administrative staff that can provide the leadership and skills which will help our city grow.”

“It’s an exciting time in Belen. I see nothing but positive. With Sally Garley at the helm, and with the excellent city employees we have, I think we will see nothing but good,” new Mayor Pro-tem Jeff Trembly said.

The newest member of the council, David Lopez, added, “I see these people go the extra mile for their city. I think they are doing an excellent job.”

“I’d like to thank the mayor, city council and the citizens of Belen for the trust and confidence they have placed in me to manage our great city,” Garley said. “The City of Belen has a lot of potential, and I look forward to being a part of it.”

The council also named the members of its advisory boards, including:

  • Retired Senior Volunteer Program Advisory Council: Manuel Chavez, Alice Torres, Lucille Sais, Lola Quintana, Selma Martinez, Jesse Lozano and ex-officio Jeff Trembly. The board meets the first Wednesday in March, June, September and December.
  • Airport Advisory Board: Bob Cullins, Don Thompson, Phillip Tabet, Alan Hearsh, Dan Dieterichs, ex-officio Terese Ulivarri and city representative, Sally Garley. The board meets the third Tuesday of each month.
  • Multi-purpose Park Advisory Board: Dubra Karnes-Padilla, Regina Elkins, Leroy Vallegos, Mildred Garley, Ken Gibson, Ernest Gonzales, Brenda Gurule, ex-officios: Councilor Teresa Ulivarri, Councilor Rudy Jaramillo, Mayor Ronnie Torres and city representative Sally Garley. This board meets the third Thursday of each month.
  • Public Library Advisory Board: Shirley Boyd, Lorraine Garcia. B.M. Battin, Edward Padilla, Serena Douglas, Librarian Beverly McFarland and ex-officio Jeff Trembly. This board meets the second Monday of March, June, September and December.
  • Lodgers Tax Advisory Board: Travis Tarry, Deanna Wolfe, Terri Fields, city representative Mildred Garley, advertising specialist Sandy Schauer, Belen Chamber of Commerce Mary Lou Chavez, executive director, Rita Gallegos Logan, president, and Russell Griego, vice president; and ex-officios Mayor Ronnie Torres and Councilor Rudy Jaramillo. This board meets the third Thursday of February, April, June, August, October and December.
  • Planning and Zoning Board: Commissioners Connie Baca, Jack Schultenover, Sean Gabaldon, Rod Storey and Ron Tabet. This board meets the first Tuesday of every month.
  • City Development Board: Paul Baca, Chris Chavez, Linda Erickson, Julie Baca, city planning and zoning director; Mary Lou Chavez, executive director of Belen Chamber of Commerce, and Rita Gallegos Logan, chamber president; Councilor David Lopez, Mayor Ronnie Torres.
  • Harvey House Committee: Mary Lou Chavez, executive director of Belen Chamber of Commerce; Barbara Torres, Betty Chavez, Donald Woodman, Maggie McDonald, Richard Melzer, ex-officio Teresa Ulivarri and Mayor Ronnie Torres, and city representative Sally Garley.
  • Solid Waste Authority representative: Richard Baldonado and Leonard Carrillo.
  • Middle Rio Grande Council of Government board of directors: Teresa Ulivarri and Julie Baca, alternate.
  • Middle Rio Grande Council of Government water board: Mayor Ronnie Torres, city representative Sally Garley.
  • Regional Planning/Transportation Policy Board: Julie Baca and Richard Baldonado.
  • Middle Rio Grande Transit Authority, technical team: Julie Baca.

In other agenda items the council approved:

  • A plat change for lots on Desi Loop to change the lot size by 10 feet.
  • A resolution to create a line item and transfer $70,000 to it for the parking lot project at the Belen Recreation Center and Senior Center.
  • An adjustment in the city’s contract with Molzen-Corbin and Associates to group three sewer projects into the $6.4 million phase one of the sewer system rehabilitation project.

In the city manager’s report, Garley said:

  • “I’d like to commend and thank Julie Baca, Jeanette Urtiaga and Lucy Baca for their professionalism and assistance in conducting the early voting during our recent election. Also, thanks to Mildred Garley, Diane Lucero and Lenora Pena for their assistance on election night.”
  • “I’d also like to thank our legislators for their assistance in obtaining legislative appropriations in the amount of $400,000 both for the East Chavez water/sewer system improvements and for the field lighting at the Multi-purpose Recreation Park.”
  • “The newly elected officials institute is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, at the Marriott Hotel in Albuquerque.”
  • “The most recent Anna Becker Park improvements are the five ornamental lights on the west side of the park along the newly constructed parking area. Within the next week or so, we should have also installed the cover for the portable toilets, which will also enhance the park.”
  • “The skater’s park contract has been advertised. We hope to award the contract by April 1.”
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