The Bosque Farms Rodeo Association presented its Junior Rodeo, with young folks running the barrels, doing flags and tagging goats.

Here’s a wrap-up of the winners from the March 9-10 weekend:

Ages 4 to 6

Poles: Makayla Jacobs, Leighann Scribner, Danica Fifer, Nalynn Cline and Carl Sweazea

Flags: Leighann Scribner, Makayla Jacobs and Kolby Montano (tie) Leia Pluemer and Carl Sweazea

Barrels: Leighann Scribner, Katie Beeman, Makayla Jacobs, Leia Pluemer and Kolby Montano

Goat tagging: Leighann Scribner, Makayla Jacobs, Katie Beeman, Nalynn Cline and Kolby Montano

Ages 7 to 9

Poles: Nicole Sweazea, Shelby Montano, Laine Yazzie, Darbie Peters and Joshua Maestas

Barrels: Payton Cowdrey, Shelby Montano, Nicole Sweazea, Laine Yazzie and Colton Lee

Flags: Laine Yazzie, Colton Lee, Shauni Gibson, Shelby Montano and Nicole Sweazea

Goat tying: Payton Cowdrey, Shelby Montano, Colton Lee and Ernesto Romero

Steer dobbing: Roper Billington

Ages 10 to 13

Poles: Sami McNiel, Jennifer Timmons, Shiann Irwin, Kasey Ulibarri and Anastasia Gallegos

Flags: Jennifer Timmons, Kasey Ulibarri, Kaylin Beeman, Morgan Gibbs and Quinna Clements

Barrels: Sydni Blanchard, Sami McNiel, Kaylin Beeman, Carleigh Marr and Kelsi Jaramillo

Goat tying: Jennifer Timmons, Sami McNiel, Carleigh Marr, Syndi Blanchard and Jessica Springer

Breakaway: Jessica Springer, Casey Vega, Andy Stainsby

Tie down: Chad Williams

Ribbon roping: Chase Williams and Chad Williams

Calf touching: Chase Williams and Travis Gran

Steer stopping: Travis Gran

Ages 14 to 18

Poles: Lindsay Elkins, Jenna Lucero, Markie Shough and Lindsey Johnson

Flags: Markie Shough, Chrissy Lucero, Jessica Stainsby and Ryan Carmen

Barrels: Lindsey Elkins, Markie Shough, Jessica Stainsby and Chrissy Lucero

Goat tying: Jonna Bizzell and Lindsey Elkins

Breakway: Jonna Bizzell, Jenna Lucero, Cody Lane and Justin Archibeque

Tie down: Bryce Segotta

Calf touch: Cody Lane

Ribbon roping: Dusty Vega, Cody Lane and Mathew Tanner

Steer stopping: Matthew Tanner, Blu Stoneman and Justin Archibeque.

Age 19 and over

Poles: Lisa Scribner, Kandace Blanchard, Laura Johnson and Genene Miller

Flags: Kandace Blanchard, Dawn Ross and Lisa Scribner

Barrels: Genene Miller, Rebecca Estes, Laura Johnson and Shanna Milton

Goat tying: Genene Miller and Rebecca Estes

Breakaway: Carl Gran

Sheep riding: Denton Shaver, Derrick Lopez, Kyle Anderson and Sheldon Milton.

Junior bulls: Marcus Sandoval, Cole Pierce and Justin Orr.

Steer riding: Cody Harrison and Jose Griego (tie)

Open bulls: Phillip Romero

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