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Among the legislation signed by Governor Gary Johnson on Wednesday were two bills which will bring $1.8 million worth of capital improvements to Valencia County.

“I’m really excited that Gov. Johnson signed the capital outlay bills,” said Sen. Michael Sanchez (D-Dist. 29). “I wish he had signed last year’s capital outlay bills because it was for a far greater amount. But Rep. Fred Luna, Rep. Kandy Cordova and I are happy to be able to bring these funds back to the county, municipalities and school districts for various projects.”

Among the items funded will be heart defibrillator machines for each of the senior citizen centers, which were requested by Sanchez.

“Hopefully, these machines will never be needed,” Sanchez said of the life-saving devices. “But, if they are needed, they will be there. I’d like to get these machines in every senior center in the state.”

Among the funds Sanchez earmarked was $5,000 for defibrillator machines at the Del Rio, Bosque Farms, Meadow Lake, Belen and Fred Luna senior centers.

Sanchez said he was glad funds had been approved for each of the Bosque Farms and Los Lunas public libraries. “We’re finally able to get money for the libraries,” he said. “Both of these libraries are in need of more space to serve the community.”

In the Senate capital outlay bill, Sanchez had appropriated $55,000 for the Bosque Farms addition and $100,000 for the Los Lunas addition. Luna was able to add $25,000 for the Los Lunas project.

Sanchez secured a total of $830,000, including the following projects:

  • Luna Hills area Americans With Disabilities Act improvements such as sidewalks, $25,000.
  • Belen sewer rehabilitation project, $100,000.
  • Jarales community center, $75,000.
  • Los Lunas High School swimming pool cover, $25,000.
  • Los Lunas Schools teacher resource center equipment, $50,000.
  • Lighting for the Los Lunas High School baseball and softball fields, $75,000.
  • Lighting for the Belen multi-purpose recreation park, $100,000.
  • Belen High School weight and lock room expansion, $90,000.
  • Highland Meadows fire department facility, $50,000.
  • Belen Middle School football equipment, $15,000.
  • Belen Middle School audio and video equipment, $15,000.
  • Valencia County Head Start buses, $25,000.

Luna secured $493,819 for the following projects:

  • Los Lunas’ Luna Hill area sidewalk improvements, $25,000.
  • Los Lunas’ Carson Drive drainage improvements, $25,000.
  • Los Lunas’ Los Lentes Road improvements, $143,810.
  • Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District ditch cover in Belen, $25,000.
  • Belen’s East Chavez Street improvements, $200,000.
  • Los Lunas High School swimming pool cover, $25,000.
  • Los Lunas library addition, $25,000.
  • Bosque Farms’ installation of sewer lines, $25,000.

Cordova secured $483,810 for the following funds:

  • El Cerro Mission Fire Department, $45,000.
  • A Tomé-Adelino Commun-ity Center, $50,000.
  • Los Lunas’ Heritage Park final phase, $100,000.
  • Parking lot improvements at Peralta, Valencia and Rio Grande Estates fire stations, $75,000.
  • El Cerro Mission Community Center outdoor basketball courts, $25,000.
  • Street lights for Golf Course Road in Rio Communities, repairs on lights down at Al’s Mini-Mart, $100,000.
  • Four-wheel-drive vehicle for Tomé-Adelino Fire Department, $50,000.
  • Los Lunas Schools’ teacher resource center, $20,000.
  • Paving Rio del Oro Road, $18,810.
  • Road drainage improvements throughout Valencia County, $25,000.

Rep. Kiki Saavedra (D-Dist. 10) obtained $25,000 for Bosque Farms Community Center improvements.

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