District Courts

There are 13 different judicial districts. Valencia County is part of the 13th Judicial District, which includes Sandoval and Cibola counties.

District court judges can conduct jury trials in criminal or civil proceedings. In some instances, district court judges can decide cases without a jury, a procedure known as a bench trial.

13th Judicial District Court

1835 N.M. 314 SW

Los Lunas, N.M., 87031

(505) 865-2400

• Judge Cindy Mercer

• Judge James Lawrence Sanchez

• Judge Allen Smith

Magistrate Courts

Magistrate courts are of limited jurisdiction. While there are jury trials in magistrate courts, most are bench trails.

This court will hear cases including tort, contract, landlord/tenant rights ($0-10,000), felony preliminary hearings, misdemeanor, DWI/DUI and other traffic violations. Judges in magistrate court can only give a maximum of 12 months in jail.
Magistrate Court Division II

901 West Castillo

Belen, N.M., 87002


• Judge John Chavez

Magistrate Court Divisions I & III

1206 Main St.

Los Lunas, N.M., 87031


• Judge John “Buddy” Sanchez

• Judge Tina Garcia

Municipal Courts

Municipal court is a court of law with jurisdiction limited to a city or other municipality. It typically addresses violations of city ordinances and may also have jurisdiction over minor criminal cases and over certain civil cases.

This court will hear cases including petty misdemeanors, DWI/DUI, traffic violations and other municipal ordinance violations.

Belen Municipal Court

525 Becker Ave.

Belen, N.M., 87002

• Judge Kathy Savilla

Bosque Farms Municipal Court

1455 W. Bosque Loop

Bosque Farms, N.M., 87068

(505) 869-9231

• Judge Dolly Wallace

Los Lunas Municipal Court

660 W. Main St.

Los Lunas, N.M., 87031

505) 839-3844

• Judge Avilio Chavez

Peralta Municipal Court

90A Molina Road

Peralta, N.M., 87042

(505) 869-2205

• Judge Tracy Aragon

Rio Communities Municipal Court

360 Rio Communities Blvd.

Rio Communities, N.M., 87002

(505) 861-6803

• Judge Heather Benavidez

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