Crossing guard says goodbye to students for the summer


My 12th year of crossing the wonderful kids of Jaramillo and Central schools ended on Friday, May 31. The good Lord willing, I will be back on Monday, Aug. 19. Thanks to all the city and school employees, the parents and all others who had respectful driving habits and a smile every day I was there.

Special thanks go to the Belen Transportation Department and bus drivers who surprised me with a birthday party in December of 2001. Thanks for the gift.

Thanks to Anthony and Carmen of Tastee Freez, Pavlos Panagou-polous, Ajay and Barbara of Auto Zone, Davis Floral, Amor Flowers, Sunshine Flower Shop, Richard Jara-millo, Paul Baca, Hodges Oil Company, Belen Sand & Gravel, Smiley Cordova, Marty’s Muffler Shop, Romero Funeral Home, Claudine Montaño, Wells Fargo Bank in Belen, Rudy Jaramillo and the staff of Rutilio’s Restaurant, Mr. Brown’s security service and Felix Kaneshiro.

May God bless each and every one of you.

Jesse G. Lozano


Welcome to the neighborhood


This is a thank you and welcome to the latest addition on Palmer Lane.

From the time the clearing of the lot began through construction until now, the property was kept very clean and the noise minimal.

You are certainly a credit to society and our community.

Elna Carmer

Rio Communities

County should fund 4-H


Partial response to the letter of Angelo Baca, president of the Valencia County Farm and Livestock Bureau Board, printed on May 25, 2002, in the Valencia County News-Bulletin.

The right way to fund the county cooperative extension service, including 4-H, would be for the county commission to make good its past promises to provide its portion of money so the matching state and federal funds would be forthcoming. Well, it’s painfully clear that this is not going to happen. There are now two to four lame ducks on the commission who have nothing to lose by ticking off their constituents. At a recent commission meeting, one of those ducks said (in something of a rage) that it was tired of hearing about the needs of the 4-H’ers and the extension service.

Riding on the shirttails of the Soil and Water Conservation mill levy proposal is not the best way to get temporary funds to keep the extension office/4-H up and running, but it’s the only chance it’s got right now. If the extension office is closed down at the end of June, as it will be if it does not get the temporary funds from the mill levy (vote June 18!), it is very doubtful that this valuable service will be brought back in the future. It will be out of sight, out of mind; future county commissions will have a hard time putting it back in the budget. It will be permanently lost because of the short-sightedness of the present county commission.

Foresight in funding good community and kids’ programs now will surely reduce the future need to throw good money after bad by funding more county-bankrupting jailkeepers.

Commissioner Daves, this shoe does not fit you; your support of the extension service is appreciated.

Elaine Moore


Substitute says goodbye


As a certified substitute teacher in the Los Lunas School District, I have gotten to know many of the students and teachers over the past four years. It has been a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience. However, as all good things must, it now comes to an end. I am moving from this area back to Michigan.

I would like to wish all the Los Lunas elementary students the very best in the coming years. And to their parents, a note that they are lucky to be in one of the best school districts in the area.

Bob Eichel


You’ll love the Amtrak


I feel good about Amtrak trains. I rode one from Los Angeles to Albuquerque. Even in the humongous L.A. phone book, I found them without difficulty. You can find time schedules and make reservations.

She was a police clerk for such a big city. I made a reservation and she asked me to repeat it to make sure I had it right. At the train station, people were nice.

There is a little office that will help you get to the right train or you can ask just anybody. The train left on time. The trains have many amenities. There is a snack bar with a large variety of items on the train — little tables, too.

The coaches have cold water fountains. The gentle side-to-side rocking puts you to sleep. The seating is comfortable and ample.

They have a non-smoking observation car where you can watch the scenery. You can’t do that on a plane.

There is a smoking car that is open only during the day, which encourages you to sleep at night.

The passengers are friendly. There is a dining car, of all things, complete with a head waiter. I enjoyed my large salad in there, and I was not looked at askance for my irregular clothes.

Of course, there are clean bathrooms.

I pray fervently that Amtrak and Greyhound get together to build a mutual transportation center.

Did I mention the fare from L.A. to Albuquerque? Only $100.

Martin Frank Kirtley

Los Lunas

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