No home-grow option; No cannabis legalization bill


There is no greater issue involving cannabis legalization in New Mexico than the issue of a home-grow option.

It so important to the current political apparatus that is mostly Democratic leadership, they do not want to discuss it. Because if the issue is discussed, then their opposition is exposed for what it is, it is about controlling the money pie, which legalization will generate and who gets a slice of that pie.

In the current cutting of the pie, only two groups have a slice — the government and the producers/dispensaries.

The government will decide where their money goes, mainly to entities/institutions that will support the power structure. In a nutshell.

Cannabis monies will be used to buy votes. The producers will use monies to buy politicians, who will help them keep their monopoly and money.

Why is this issue so important to a legalization bill? Because a home-grow option, New Mexico citizens, gives you a slice of the cannabis pie, thereby giving you control over your own cannabis destiny.

It is important for all parties — Independents, Libertarian, Green Party, Republicans and Democrats — to understand how this will effect you in the unfolding of cannabis legalization.

The many groups that will be affected have much at stake. For those who will participate, they will only have one option, one choice — buy from producers at whatever price they choose and the quality of product that they deem sufficient. If there are shortages or bad quality, guess what, to bad how sad.

If the monies generated in the form of taxes are not spent in a way that is consistent with your beliefs or world view, guess what, too bad so sad.

What if you live in a rural area? No access to a cannabis store, limited funds, guess what, too bad so sad.

If you are below the income poverty level, without a home grow, you will have no opportunity to participate in this program. Too bad and very, very sad!

If you are a gardener and love to grow for personal fulfillment and the ability to grow is a part and parcel of your expression of a God given inalienable right to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” guess what, too bad, so sad.

All of these issues cut across political lines and is about where is my slice of the pie. It’s about choice and being a part of the governmental process, included as a member and a part and parcel of that processes.

A home-grow option gives you a choice and power — the choice to buy or grow your own. The power is in the choice, this is powerful and fulfilling.

If you allow the politicians to exclude you the citizen from the slice of this power which is cannabis legalization, which is every bit your right, then make no mistake, you will have your right stolen and be powerless.

There are many that have never consumed cannabis and maybe you never will. There may be a time that you may change your mind and for whatever reason decide to consume. Again, this is why this is important to you.

If there is a home-grow option in a legalization bill, then you have a choice, a powerful choice. This issue profoundly affects you. If you think about it, even if you oppose cannabis legalization, you surely realize how this issue of choice may effect you in the future, if a bill is passed without a personal home grow option.

If you agree with these thoughts, share this information and raise your voice in support for this issue. Call or email your representative, tell them, no home-grow option, no cannabis legalization bill. Time is short.

Arthur Mayer

Sacramento, N.M.

Citizens need equality


In today’s pandemic, it is apparent that many families are in need of additional financial assistance.

The welfare need increased dramatically due to unemployment. One big flaw, which should have many American citizen families outraged, is how undocumented parent household with children are eligible for cash (TANF) assistance from when the child is born, until the child is 18. This is potentially 18 whole years of cash assistance; these families do not need to comply with work or child support requirements.

U.S. citizen parents with U.S. citizen children are only allowed to receive cash (TANF) for a five-year (60-month) eligibility duration on top of work requirements and child support requirements. In this current system, citizens should be entitled to the same or equal entitlements in welfare as their undocumented counterparts. Where is the equality in this?

Perhaps we can persuade our political leadership to create a more just society for all, not some. In addition, it should be our goal to help promote independence; other social programs could be utilized so that the above may be a last resort to get back on one’s feet opposed to a career.

Stephen Chavez

Los Lunas

Rabbits deserve better


A coyote, a fox and a rabbit walk into a bar.

“Welcome to the Pure Democracy Bar!” the bar keeper greeted them. “Here whatever the majority wants at a table goes. Seat yourselves and I’ll be with you shortly.”

The animals found an empty table and sat down.

“You know, I could really go for a beer.” the coyote said.

“Me too,” the fox agreed. “I propose we order a round of beer and the rabbit pays.”

A vote was taken and the measure passed 2 to 1. The coyote waived the bar keeper over.

“A round of beers, please,” the coyote said.

“Right, anything else?” the bar keeper asked as the rabbit reluctantly offered his credit card.

“I’m hungry, I would like some food to go with the beer,” the coyote said.

“Me too,” agreed the fox. “I propose we eat the rabbit.”

A vote was taken and the measure passed 2 to 1.

As the bar keeper reached in his apron for his meat cleaver he asked, “Fried or stewed?”

Had the animals gone to the Constitutional Republic Bar instead, the rabbit’s individual rights would have been protected against the majority and he wouldn’t have ended up as a mid afternoon snack. The growing trend of sacrificing our individual rights on the altar of the greater good will make rabbits of us all.

David Cates

Los Lunas

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