More resources for getting through COVID-19


Hello fellow readers! Since the writing of my column, “Paw it Forward,” last month, I’ve gathered some more resources that may be helpful to you or someone you know during this time.

In keeping with my mantra in the Paw it Forward columns, these resources span humans, animals and the earth on physical, emotional and spiritual planes. Here you are:

If (God forbid) you or someone you know gets sick and needs help caring for their pets, guidelines can be found at these websites:, and

If your pets seem happy to have you home more, remember they are also susceptible to our stress. If yours seem anxious, studies show that natural remedies such as flower essences (available in health food stores and on-line) are helpful. Look for BACH, FES, of Pet Essences brands. Also helpful are dog and cat pheromone products (available at pet stores and department stores. )

We know that domestic violence rises during times like these, and we also know that animal abuse and human abuse are linked by very high percentages. Please, if you see abuse, report it.

Here are some numbers: Domestic Violence; 800-799-7233 or (statewide) 800-733-3645: Child Abuse; 800-422-4453 or (CYFD) 505-841-6100; Animal Cruelty; (Statewide) 877-548-6263 or (Local) 505-866-2479. There’s more info on this at:

And lastly, for all of us, a beautiful six-minute youtube film I saw recently in a self-care webinar. It’s called “Gratitude; the short film by Louie Schwartzberg.” He ends it by saying “Let your gratefulness overflow into blessings all around you.” What a beautiful “spillover” that would be! Be well.

Colleen Dougherty

Kudos to filmmakers


Oh, Oh, the jig is up! For all you renewable energy buffs out there, have you feasted your eyes on the latest Michael Moore/Jeff Gibbs film, “Planet of the Humans”?

Together, they have produced the most powerful, brutally honest, important document of their careers. And, by that, I mean the two of them have completely dissed renewable energy, the subject that has made them both famous and rich. They’ve both realized and confessed that “green energy wasn’t what it seemed.”

“We visit a 100 percent solar-powered music festival and discover that behind the scenes, it is largely powered by diesel generators.”

“We see 500-year-old yuccas in the Mohave desert being torn up and shredded by diggers to make way for a ‘clean energy’ solar plant.”

“We visit an ethanol plant, whose wood has to be harvested using fossil-fuel powered equipment and depends for its operational effectiveness on coal.”

“We visit a lovely old wood beloved by hikers and nature lovers in rural Vermont being trashed to build a wind farm.” And so on.

Gibbs confesses that it was “enough to make my head explode! Green energy is not going to save us.”

And from Michael Moore: “I thought solar panels lasted forever and didn’t know what went into the making of them,” (referring to rare-earth minerals and the fossil fuels used in production). “I used to support electric vehicles, but didn’t really think about where the electricity is coming from.”

More than 62 percent of U.S. utility-scale power grid is run on natural gas and coal.

“We’re not going to be able to solar-panel and windmill our way out of this.”

The film is not kind to corporate America naming some of the players who have greatly profited from the green energy scam and who continue to aggressively and hypocritically promote renewables.

Among the Hall of Shame: Bill McKibben, Al Gore, Van Jones, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Jeremy Grantham, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, also NGOs like the Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy.

This is the stuff that real scientists have been saying for years, not the heavily-biased pseudo-scientists that are also making money off of the green energy lies and deceit. But kudos to Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs for their honesty.

Donna Crawford

Los Lunas
Olympians appreciative


The Valencia County Senior Olympic Board of Directors, would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support and gracious donations to The Senior Olympics:

Mathews Meat Processing, State Employees Credit Union, Ray’s Septic, Jaramillo Winery, Keter, Anytime Fitness, Las Dos Gringas restaurant, Cakes by Lori Rivera, Aristech, Century 21, Noblin Funeral Home, Niners Land Leveling, Spencer’s Enterprises, Teri’s Sweet Garden, Dr. Donald Leach and Doris Niner.

A special shout out to Albuquerque Insulation, RAKS Building Supply, Jubilee Los Lunas, Walmart Distribution Center No. 6084, Caliente Designs and the village of Los Lunas.

Due to the safety concerns and risks to the athletes presented by the coronavirus, the Valencia County Senior Games and the New Mexico State Senior Games were canceled.

New Mexico State Senior Olympics is working closely with the National Senior Games Association to establish an alternative qualifying process option for Nationals 2021.

Again thank you to all our sponsors, athletes and all who have supported the Valencia County Senior Olympics.

Continue to remain vigilante in following all recommended guidelines and directives in these uncertain times.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Valencia County Senior Olympic Games in 2021!

For more information visit our website at, our Facebook page at NM Valencia County Seniors or by calling 352-7661.

Yvonne Montoya

President, Valencia County Senior Olympics Board of Directors
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