Thanks for your support


We would like to thank all of our students, their families, friends and neighbors who helped raise money for the Belen Area Food Pantry this year.

Belen Goju Ryu Karate raised $1,140 with its “Kick Hunger Out Of Belen” Kick-A-Thon. Belen Goju Ryu Karate has held an annual charity fundraising Kick-A-Thon since 1992.

Students kick 15 minutes non-stop and go out and collect funds for charity based on their number of kicks kicked. We began supporting MDA and since 2013 have been helping the Belen Area Food Pantry, where the benefit is more local and immediate.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and support the Kick-A-Thon’s have raised more than $40,847 since 1992, and since 2013, when we chose to help more locally, with $6,387 of that total going to the Belen Area Food Pantry.

Every little bit adds up! Again, we are very appreciative of everyone’s support over the years!

Richard and Cindy Long

Belen Goju Ryu Karate

Trash contract problems


The recent article about Rio Communities giving the waste pickup contract to Universal Waste Systems aptly covers the bases. What is left out is the problems that are likely to arise because the City Council is not doing their job.

The reason for cities choosing one contractor is that having three to four heavy garbage trucks drive around every day tears up the streets real bad; costly street repair is thus lessened by having just one company. Fine.

My problem with Rio Communities is that they still have not addressed the concerns of the many residents who transfer or recycle their waste themselves, as I do. (I’ve lived here 15 years and have never had trash pickup.)

If UWS tries to deliver a trash can or other equipment to me, they will be repulsed; I will not allow such unneeded service, nor will I pay for it. If UWS sends me a bill, there will be a lawsuit against the city and UWS for fraud, since billing for services not rendered is a crime.

This is not a tax, because Rio Communities is contracting the service out rather than getting voters/residents to approve any such levy.

I, and others, have spoken at well-attended City Council meetings on the matter, the mayor and council said, “we’ll deal with that in the RFP,” but that has not happened. Nor were any changes made to the city’s ordinance.

The missing element is being able to opt out for good reason: the city and/or vendor should have some paper or online method for residents to opt out: 1. The property is vacant and produces no waste; 2. Occupants take care of all trash by recycling or other means and need no such pickup service; 3. Occupants have very little trash and have made arrangements to “piggy-back” using a neighbor’s trash can.

Such a form should include legalise, such as “I provide this information under penalty of perjury” (like on your tax forms) to prevent misuse of the exemption form.

It is likely going to take a few months to get the new trash pickup readied so there is time to fix the billing software too. If UWS is foolish enough to send fraudulent bills for payment, the hundred or more victims of such fraud can gather and file a class action lawsuit. In that case, the plan will be to initiate a Facebook group so as to be in contact, to meet at the monthly free legal clinic at the courthouse on Morris Road in Los Lunas, and then to seek pro bono legal assistance.

I will not pay for services not rendered.

G.E. Nordell

Rio Communities

We will be changed


Two commandments guide our lives as Christians: to love God and neighbor, especially our neighbors in need.

The New Mexico Conference of Churches is dedicated to heeding Christ’s call to strive for unity, justice, peace and the integrity of creation as people of faith ministering to bring healing and hope to New Mexico.

As we consider the implications of the medical crisis, we face difficult questions and choices. These are our guiding questions: How will our response be remembered by the next generation of faithful ones as they face challenges? Will we be remembered for our love and ministry?

Regardless what the future brings, this moment is a life-shaping experience for all of us: we may be victims, we may be helpers, we may be both. Because of the presence of COVID-19 in our state, we will be changed.

With a common voice, the New Mexico Conference of Churches commends the witness of congregations, respects their decisions, and prays for our state, our government leaders, all medical professionals, and the vulnerable — the medically fragile, their caregivers, the fearful, those without homes or family support, the isolated and the forgotten.

We are committed to loving God and serving neighbors.

Rev. Kay Huggins,

Interim Executive Director

The Judiciary Heads of the Members, New Mexico Conference of Churches

Gov. doing a good job


In neither complaint nor apology, I decided to see other thoughtful voices to join in discussion about the COVID-19 virus.

Some articles in newspapers are tiring, speculative advice or the poor predictions of voices in the media. My invitation is an action-call to those having experienced an invalid or unusable direction.

It is my opinion the best commentary is from our own governor’s announcements. Those appear as some of the clearest and most useful information we have. Certainly, we aren’t getting that from reports through U.S. government spokespersons or the White House.

Those are viewpoints, understanding and beliefs not supported by facts. Much more can be said and argued for clarity, a purpose not presently in our understanding.

This is my disappointment, and the support for this invitation, addressed to all who are interested in themselves and their kin. I believe there are many willing to voice their view(s) and will do that if invited to share.

Please do, there are many equally interested in what you think.

F. Guy Glover

Los Lunas

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