Water should be protected


The village of Los Lunas is considering what to do with some 228,095,660 gallons of water it deems could be available from its municipal water wells.

Water leased from PNM by an out-of-state bottling company that, on paper, would flow into those public wells to be treated at public expense, then to be sold and exported in single use plastic by Niagara.

I suggest those 700 AFY, (228+ gallons), be used instead for supporting our farmers who face another year of dry fields, or for supplying water to our communities lacking proper infrastructure. Suck water out of the ground to be bottled, lower the water table, dry the Rio Grande.

It’s greed and insanity to pump and export our desert water.

Sue Small

Los Lunas


Political elite


Poor little Joey Biden, the Don Knotts of politics. The highest inflation in more than 40 years. Rampant crime and homelessness everywhere.

A pandemic that is again gaining traction; food, fuel and housing costs going through the roof. And an incompetent, geriatric Biden, who can only read from a teleprompter proclaiming (from his exclusive, privileged beach house on the Delaware shore) “America is going thru a transformation!”

A tiny privileged, political elite and the rest in universal third-world poverty? Destroy what many generations of hard-working, patriotic, law-abiding Americans have built with their bare hands, their blood, sweat and tears?

Is that what his socialist, progressive “Build, Back, Better” really means? They have that same agenda today in Russia. No difference.

Robert Bevington-Romero



I take it personally


My apologies if this sounds like a self-aggrieved post.  Really, I don’t like to fight or be mocked for either my opinions or my views based on my experiences.  But I took it personally when folks mocked Joe Biden for falling off his bike (recently).

I’ve done that a few times and know both how it happens and how it feels. As I stopped, my foot got caught in the pedal strap, and I fell over the same way onto hard pavement, with the bike landing on top.

I was immediately embarrassed. It took my breath away and my ribs hurt for days. I felt like I had punctured my lung. My peeps were concerned for me, even though I made a funny story out of it. Accidents happen, and our president should not be mocked for being a mere mortal.

I take it personally when someone mocks my views on empathy and loving people for who they are. What if we all grew up being judged harshly for the way we were born or the circumstances of our existence?

Oh wait, some people still endure that harsh judgement, suspicion and push back for being gay, black or poor, and “bless their hearts” if they are also addicted to drugs, mentally exhausted or have a low-paying job that doesn’t quite meet the monthly bills. Tsk, tsk, unqualified and undesirable as a human being, in some folks’ judgement.

Judgement happens, but it’s not up to me to do it. I happen to take it personally when folks step in for God like that; it feels like the ultimate mockery of our Creator to hurt and insult other people who are also God’s creation.

“Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” Proverbs 14:31.

Let’s have some empathy. We are called to help others, not just stand back and mock them.

Michelle Tafoya

Los Lunas

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