(Editor’s note: On Friday, June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion. This letter was written before the decision was made public.)

Protect judges, babies


Our judicial system and the protection of judges in our country has become a critical concern, and it is time to have a serious discussion on how to protect them and their families from murder.

How have the hate-mongering people taken over the airwaves and want to get their way and cause civil disobedience and break laws to get their way? When a U.S. Supreme Court justice and his family is threatened to be harassed or murdered because of a decision that the court may rule on later this year is pure lawlessness by those protesting at their homes in an otherwise quiet neighborhood.

The law is written to prevent this from being allowed and yet this is ignored by those citizens trying to exercise their right under the First Amendment. Is their hate for the expected decision’s issue so strong that they are complicit in the murder of a supreme court judge? Other judges in the lower court systems have been threatened, and family members been murdered because of the hate toward the judge’s decision on a case.

It is time for Congress to pass laws allowing funding to provide security and protection for the judges throughout the court system.

The hate demonstrated by the pro-abortion issue groups are protesting the potential that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned and are threatening to block entrances to the U.S. Supreme Court building pending the final decision. Why are they protesting the possible decision to restrict abortions in this moral, civilized country?

There are medical reasons that terminating pregnancy can be allowed to protect certain health conditions of the mother and other situations. I believe there are current prescriptions and contraceptives that a woman and the man can use or take to prevent pregnancies. Why not use these methods to prevent a child from becoming a person in the womb to be considered for removal after the life is formed?

The amazing conception that occurs was created by God to continue the human race to keep his created earth populated with individuals to care for it. This was love by the creator for us to embrace. What a joy to see the two parents admiring a newborn at their baby’s birth and the expectations of its possible potential of unknown abilities.

After all, once the baby is outside the womb and breathing on it’s own, it is considered a person and if killed it is called murder. Sometimes the court system convicts a person for murder of two people if the woman is pregnant with a child. Which is correct by the courts?

Murder is the taking of a life, and there is life there in the womb when the two cells join. Let the courts make their decisions on the basis of their codes and principles, and keep the various protests civil and within the law.

Luther Robertson

Los Lunas


Community appreciation


On behalf of L.I.V.E., Inc. (Los Lunas Invests in Veterans Events), attorney David Chavez, Main Street Muscle & Fitness Center, Jubilee Adult Community, Jubilee Slurpers and all sponsors of the June 1 eighth annual Believe in Heroes Veterans Memorial Run and walking event, we would like to thank all the participants and contributors making this a very successful event.

This non-profit event, coordinated by L.I.V.E., Inc., with entry fees, contributions and donations going directly to various veteran organizations within Valencia County.

The success of this event was possible with many volunteers from Jubilee, Main Street Muscle & Fitness Center, Los Lunas High School AVID, JROTC, and including the assistance of key personnel within the village of Los Lunas — police, fire, parks and recreation departments — who donated all their time at no cost to the village.

Special thanks to the Los Lunas Fire Department who provided the new ladder fire truck with the suspended American flag. Thanks also to A & A Pumping, Valencia County News-Bulletin, Huning Ranch HOA Board, Daniel D. Fernandez VFW Post 9676, Battlin’ Betties, Printers Press (ABQ), Los Lunas Chamber of Commerce and Starlight Cinema Theater.

Former Councilor Phillip Jaramillo gave a special welcome on behalf of the village.

This L.I.V.E., Inc. event had close to 150 participants and raised more than $9,000. “Believe in Heroes” seeks to assist those military veterans of Valencia County who have served our country and help raise awareness for their continued public support, plus organize the Nov. 11 Veterans Day ceremony at the Daniel D. Fernandez Memorial Park.

The next annual running event will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2023. (Save the date.)

Jim Schnitzler

Race coordinator

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