Flu shots save lives


New Mexico is just coming out of a “Triple-Demic,” and on the heels of a world-wide pandemic that was a time of some of the worst health in a century.

Respiratory viruses peaked last fall and this winter, with the triple threat of Covid-19, the RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) virus and the flu. As a chief medical officer and a family doctor, I know we can count ourselves lucky that despite child deaths across the country, New Mexico did not have one child fatality from the flu. That is because we had good participation for flu shots.

However, the situation was a challenging one for our medical practitioners this past season as hospitals filled, yet again, over licensed bed capacity.

We should be thankful that with both flu shots and Covid vaccines, our state, its health care workers, and its people rose to the occasion. There is still time to get your flu shot, which can be easily obtained at your local clinic or pharmacy, if you have not done so already.

One silver lining of Covid is that you can now get a flu shot and other vaccinations easily and conveniently all over the state and in many different locations. Of note, this year’s flu vaccine is a good one based on recently published data.

If you are planning a spring trip, a big family gathering or you are traveling, and you have not gotten a flu shot, it is not too late. There seems to be some vaccine fatigue and that is understandable.

However, I urge you to get your shots next flu season and make it part of your annual regimen.

Flu shots save lives, and that may have gotten lost in the Covid emergency. There may or may not be a Covid shot for next year, that is yet to be determined, but there will be a flu shot and I urge you to get it to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We have turned the corner for this flu season, but next year’s flu season is just around the bend.


Jennifer K. Phillips, MD

Family Physician in New Mexico



He’s a proven liar


Whenever our former president’s name is uttered by some radio or TV talk show hosts, the tip-toe through the law books and professors is likely.

Why does our media carry on so? The former president is a proven liar and, without a doubt, he promoted mayhem and death on the capitol steps. The law books and professors are brought up because of money.

No one touches the former president’s act to disrupt the U.S. Constitution. There is no money in the matter, I guess. Now, the ex POTUS is running for reelection. Many of our citizens are getting on his band wagon.

Why doesn’t Congress stop this rush to the trash heap? Nail the former president with stuff that at least stops him from running for president. The label of felon might do it, maybe.

I believe this action needs some man or woman with personal fortitude coming from leadership with fellowship. Such was in the air when this country was born.


Charles Wilson

Los Lunas


People need to be more responsible


This is ridiculous. I have been a resident of Valencia County for many years, and I thought I had seen everything.

I guess everyone is wrong at some point in their lives.

My daughter was involved in a car wreck several weeks ago, and she received minor injuries. Her car didn’t fair that well.

The person who hit her was not only drunk, but he was uninsured and is unemployed. He cannot and, therefor, will not pay for the expenses related to my daughter’s medical and vehicle expenses.

It’s useless taking him to court because even if my daughter prevails and the judge rules against this guy, he does not have the money to pay.

It’s against the law to drink and drive. It’s against the law to not carry insurance on your vehicle. It should also be illegal to be a stupid and careless person.


Charles Garcia

Los Chavez

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