Our representation


What kind of people do we want representing us in our federal, state and local governments, and which political party best represents the needs of our communities?

Let’s see for starters: 1. Free and fair elections? D-Yes. R-No. 2. Rigging elections, including lying, cheating, intimidation, frivolous litigation and fraud, and unlimited gerrymandering to win and/or contest elections? D-No. R-Yes. 3. Trying to pass and/or support sensible legislation to combat the epidemic of gun crimes, mass murders and school shootings that has gone on for far too long? D-Yes. R-No.

  1. Ignoring the threat to our security by unlimited gun rights and supporting those that attack and disavow the victims of mass murder and their families? D-No. R-Yes. 5. Supporting the Constitutional Bill of Rights First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom? D-Yes. R-No. 6. Empowering religious zealots and Christian nationalists at the expense of minorities to destroy religious liberty by weaponizing the law to break down the wall of separation of church and state? D-No. R-Yes.
  2. Protecting Social Security, Medicare, women’s rights, minority rights, women’s health and individual freedom? D-Yes. R-No. 8. For investigating and prosecuting cases of impropriety and corruption of high government officials, including Supreme Court justices and the president and ex-presidents? D-Yes. R-No (unless they are Democrats). 9. For protecting our country against financial ruin by making sure our country pays its debts? D-Yes. R-No (if Republicans are not in charge). 10. Extorting our country by threatening financial ruin by refusing to raise the debt limit if you don’t get what you want? D-No R-Yes ( if Republicans are not in charge).

This is just the tip of the iceberg. All of these facts and indicators show that the Republican Party is corrupt, and decrepit and its leader(s) are desperate to do anything to retain power, even if it costs us our democracy, our freedom, our liberty and our republic.

As Americans, we cannot let them succeed. Vote.


TD Hollinsworth

Rio Communities

Letter of thanks


The Belen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Commission would like to thank all the organizations and individuals who helped to make our 29th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Candle Light Vigil so successful.

Our vigil flourishes because of the help and support of many entities and volunteers. We would like to thank the Honorable Mayor Robert Noblin, emcee Harvey Long, DJ Wayne Gallegos, the Belen High School NROTC, Ryan Sandlin, David Williams, Dominick Rivera, Pastor Arthur Williams, Belen City Manager Roseann Peralta, the Honorable Judge Keith Norwood, the city of Belen and its library and street departments.

This year, it was our privilege to recognize former mayor Ronnie Torres for his 10 years of service to the commission as emcee of the Vigil and commission member.

Thank you to Clara Garcia and the Valencia County News-Bulletin for their coverage of the vigil and support of Dr. King’s message of peace and tolerance.

Thank you to our Belen area school children and young adults who participate in our art contests annually, they exemplify what our commission stands for. The winners of the art contest were K through sixth grade: Ryan Sandlin, first place; Alexandra Mendez, second place; Violet Baca-Salazar, third place; seventh through 12th grade: Lilia Coffman, first place.

Each year, we have organizations and individuals who gladly perform at the vigil. Special thanks to Mayagi Ryu Kai Okinawan Dance School, Tony DeNardo III, Letitia Williams, Ava Long and the Honorable Mayor Robert Noblin.

The vigil is the culmination of a year of promoting the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrating his message of non-violence and racial equality.

It is amazing how each year our community comes together with profound dedication to committing themselves to the life and ideals of Dr. King. Most of all, we wish to thank our citizens for their participation in our vigil.


Terese Ulivarri

Chairwoman of the Belen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Multicultural Commission

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