Children need education


One might surmise the Belen schools’ system that is taxpayer funded should be emphasizing the three Rs rather than trying to social engineer their charges.

All one has to see are the horrid scores of our children’s testing results.

Richard KarpeMeadow Lake

PED on a witch hunt


Your story is exactly why I am hesitant to talk to your “news” paper.

The story printed is only half the story and you left out the single most important part of the judge’s decision this entire time. The fact that there is no evidence supporting anything that would have justified our dismissal from the board.

I don’t know if it’s your editor or how the story was written, but I would like clarify some things as I was not asked for my input. You should have at least put the Stay Denial on there so people could read the truth. The story also seems seems to imply that 2 people, who truthfully were not elected to the school board, got denied reinstatement.

The hearing was actually about the PEDs continued harassment of 2 duly elected board members and their repeated slanderous attempt to deny them what has been granted by an unbiased, respected, and ethical judge who looked at all the evidence and said PED had no factual basis to support their actions.

People count on the media to tell the truth. In a profession where you’re supposed to be unbiased and truthful, the News-Bulletin fails.

The hearing officer in our initial hearing also found no evidence that I harassed anyone. In fact, it was proven in the hearing that the allegation stated under “oath” was untruthful and I believe intentionally said to harm me publicly.

The truth is that the PED is on a witch hunt based on false allegations that lack merit and evidence, and we have continually provided evidence to the contrary.  The PED has continued its efforts to slander, harass, and defame me publicly.

The method they used in the removal of the Los Lunas board of education violated my civil rights and denied my due process. I was elected twice by members of this community to represent them on the Los Lunas board of education. The PED essentially told those voters, “Your vote does not matter.”

I am passionate to be on this school board, as is evident by my painstaking efforts to remain on the board since these allegations began almost 2 years ago. I work every day to do my best for our school community, and I appreciate all of the support I am receiving from friends, family, staff, and the community members.

You would think the PED would care more about our ranking nationwide on our educational system, and focus their money and efforts on something worthwhile. Our children. They deserve nothing short of our full attention and efforts.

As has been made blatantly evident by this entire process, the easiest way to avoid accountability is to remove those who are asking for it. To continually pursue me for baseless complaints highlighting key words like hostile, volatile, and overstepping, simply to elevate things to a level that receives attention, and written for no reason other than to punish me publicly is wrong.

I will continue my efforts to be the best Board member I can be, Work to have our district more transparent, and to include all stake holders. I owe it to the school community. I am here.

Bryan Smith, Los Lunas School Board

(Editor’s note: The News-Bulletin has requested comments from Mr. Smith and others numerous times over the past two years regarding this issue. The VCNB did not have access to the court documents last month when the judge made her order. This letter was printed exactly as submitted other than the capitalization of News-Bulletin.)

To read the court documents referenced by Mr. Smith, follow the links below:

•Order denying PED’s motion to stay (Sept. 2022)

•Decision and order on Smith and Giron administrative appeal (May 2022)

•Findings of fact (Aug. 2021)

Vote for a brighter future


What is it about the voters in this state that want to keep New Mexico ranked first in all the bad stuff (i.e. crime) and last in all the good stuff (i.e. education)? Can anyone answer that question? It makes no sense.

For going on 100 years now, New Mexico has been governed by a Democrat majority, but nothing ever improves.

Albert Einstein famously said, “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” One has to conclude that New Mexico voters don’t want any improvement in their state. Could that really be true?

So what’s going on in New Mexico?

  • New Mexico has the highest unemployment rate in the country.
  • New Mexico has 23 percent more welfare recipients than any other state in the union.
  • New Mexico ranks at the bottom of education compared to other states.
  • Because New Mexico is a sanctuary state, there is uncontrolled illegal immigration.
  • Crime in New Mexico is completely out of control. Cartels/drugs have taken over.
  • Students were locked out of schools because of Democrat policies.
  • The state has a $2.5 billion surplus but no economic plan to use it.
  • Democrats are working hard to kill the oil/gas industry in New Mexico even though the industry provides 40 percent of revenue.
  • Young people are moving out of the state to find better opportunities.
  • Democrat policies are responsible for 20 percent of permanent restaurant closures.
  • New Mexico’s workforce participation rate is an embarrassing disaster.
  • Kids Count report says New Mexico is dead last for overall child well-being.
  • New Mexico’s CYFD is in shambles and needs leadership.
  • New Mexico ranks a dismal 46th in Best States for Business.

And here’s a kicker that is vitally important. There’s a doctor shortage in New Mexico and the  Legislature’s new Medical Malpractice Act will only worsen the situation.

The Medical Malpractice Act says that physicians can be sued up to $4 million rising to $6 million in a few years. In comparison, Texas doctors can only be sued up to $250,000. Apparently the Legislature is aware of the issues, but Democrats are often influenced by the trial attorneys because they are big contributors to the Democratic Party and stand to gain a whole lot of money from such a large increase in the cap. Many insurance companies won’t cover doctors in private practice now.

Would you want to stay or move to New Mexico if you were a doctor? Of course not.

At the polls on Nov. 8, you can give New Mexico a brighter future.

Donna Crawford, Los Lunas

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