No end in sight for water rate increases

As you may already know, our water rates for MRGCD have increased again.

We are now paying $43 per acre, which is an increase of $15 per acre from 10 years ago. Most of the increases occurred in the last six years.

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the rate increases. Chatter from the grapevine indicates that MRGCD is planning to increase rates to that magic number of $50 per acre by the end of next year.

What has changed? Is the system getting bigger? Why the increases? I understood that most of the infrastructure is completed. What has occurred to warrant an increase of $15 per acre? It seems that past administrations were able to stay within the budget; why can’t this one?

When asking about the rate hikes, MRGCD personnel were very reluctant to share information. I did get generic answers as to the rate hike — Inflation, the completion of projects and comparing what we pay with folks in California and Arizona.

I understand the concept of inflation but I doubt that it would require a hike of $15 an acre. When these projects are completed, will the rates roll back?

I really don’t care what people in Arizona or California pay for water. That’s their business. This is ours.

I’m a small farmer and have little influence or clout. My efforts to connect with the MRGCD chairwoman have failed.

Maybe you big farmers can get your head out of the sand and make the required phone calls. The person to call is Karen Dunning, chairwoman of the MRGCD at 898-7493.

Maybe you can find the answers that we seek. If you do, please share them with the rest of us.

Fabian W. Padilla



We are the ‘Divided States of America’


The vitriol created by today’s political climate is disgusting. When party affiliation becomes secondary to the interest of the United States of America, I will welcome lively exchanges in ideas by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Ideas for security and success of this wonderful country are not the sole domain of either Democrats or Republicans. We live in a time where little to no respect, decency, civility or cooperation is extended by either of the major parties to the other in our country.

It seems we have become the “Divided States of America” instead of the United States of America. Republicans and Democrats should not be “the enemy” to each other. This is tearing our country apart, to the absolute delight by the real threats from countries and regimes who are laughing at our inability and unwillingness to seek the common ground for the common good of our country.

I pray that Americans, both Democrat and Republican, consider an examination of conscience and a spirit of decency and respect during the campaigning and election process.

I am a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran (not Vietnam era), but a Vietnam veteran, honorably discharged after two Vietnam tours and a total of four years active duty. Not since that era have I seen our country so divided.

I plead for leaders and members of both the Republican and Democrat parties to consider the advice our parents gave us as children, “Treat others like you want to be treated.”

God bless America.

John Duran

Rio Communities


Research, understanding of LDS Church welcome


As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I would like to express appreciation to John Taylor for the professionalism shown in the extensive research for his article about the church in the Dec. 12 issue of the News-Bulletin.

It is especially thorough, and gives detail which shows the extent of growth in the community.

Especially appreciated is his statement that he does not belong to this church but found good in us and showed his understanding of our goal to live our religion with love toward all our community.

Thank you Mr. Taylor for understanding and expressing our history so well.

Sunny Stone

Los Lunas

Contempt of Constitution


There is much debate regarding the status of the impeachment, pending impeachment, non impeachment of President Donald Trump.

What does it mean when the U.S. House of Representatives votes to impeach the president and then the leader/speaker of the House does not deliver the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate?

I believe Nancy Pelosi, the leader/speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is in ‘Contempt of Constitution’ as long as she holds and does not deliver the articles to the Senate.

The Constitution states the responsibility of House and the Senate. The House votes to impeach. The Senate conducts a trial. There are no words about the transmission or the timing of the articles of impeachment. I believe the idea of transmission is implied. The timing is the other issue/question.

‘Contempt of Constitution.’ What a fantastic test for the Constitution of the United States of America. I purposefully stay away from the politics of this impeachment and try to focus on the mechanics/process/procedure.

Ron Romero


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