LOS LUNAS — The Los Lunas Board of Education is looking for input while deciding how to redraw its district boundaries.

Every 10 years, after the decennial census, the board has to reevaluate district boundaries to account for population changes and even out the number of constituents in each district.

In order to comply with the Federal Voting Rights Act of 1965, each district must be within 5 percent of the ideal average in each district, which is 9,967 residents in the case of Los Lunas Schools.

Visions in Planning, a community and facility planning consultant in Albuquerque, provided the school district with three different boundary options and are leading presentations aimed to educate and gain input about the different options.

Demographically, the largest change occurred in the current District 4, represented by Bryan Smith, which saw nearly a 19 percent increase in population.

The current District 4 lays west of Sichler Road and encompasses the entirety of the Huning Ranch subdivision, the Fiesta subdivision, north of Los Lunas High School and the Camelot Boulevard neighborhood.

The largest losses in population occurred in current Districts 2 and 3, which saw a 4.5 percent and 3.8 percent drop in population, respectively. Both of those districts sit on the east mesa and are represented by Eloy Giron, District 2; and David Vickers, District 3.

Option 1

The first option presented would expand Districts 1 and 5 into District 4 to counteract the large amount of population growth on the west side of the village.

District 1 will be expanded west along the north side of Main Street but east of Los Cerritos Road. District 5 will also be expanded west along the southside of Main Street, but east of Sichler Road.

To counteract the drop in population on the east mesa, Districts 2 and 3 would be expanded westward. District 2 would be expanded into district 1, east of N.M. 47 and south of Sunflower Road, but north of East Main Street.

District 3 would also be expanded west, south of the Valencia Y and east of Farless Road until it intersects with N.M. 47.

Option 2

The second option would also expand Districts 1 and 5 into District 4 in the same way option 1 does.

The changes to Distinct 3 would also be expanded in partly the same way as the first option, with an added expansion southeast into District 5, in the area south of Rio Del Oro Loop and east of La Entrada Road.

The main difference comes in District 2, which would be expanded westward into District 1, west of N.M. 47 and north of East Main Street until it hits Chughole Lane in Peralta.

Option 3

In Option 3, the changes to District 1 would be the same as the first two options, again expanding west into District 4.

District 5 would also be expanded west into District 4, but south of Main Street, east of Sichler Road and over to the east side of Interstate 25.

District 2 would be expanded west into District 1, west of N.M. 47, similar to the way it was expanded in Option 2, but with a different boundary.

It would also be expanded southwest into District 5, starting at the northeast intersection of the Valencia Y, southward to Sun Valley Road and the east side of the Rio Grande.

District 3 would look the same as it does in option 2.

The final two workshops to learn more about the different options and to give public input will take place on Zoom at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Those without internet access can attend the workshops in person in the Los Lunas Schools Central Office boardroom.

Zoom links to attend the meetings and maps of the different boundary options can be found on the Los Lunas Schools website, llschools.net, under the LLS Board of Education tab in the menu bar.

The board of education is set to vote on a final district boundary during its Tuesday, Nov. 29, meeting at 6 p.m. in the Central Office boardroom.

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