RIO COMMUNITIES–A car chase through Belen Monday led to shooting at the intersection of  N.M. 47 and River Road in Rio Communities.

Tomé resident Procopio Montoya, 23, is charged with aggravated fleeing of law enforcement, possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence, wrongful taking of a motor vehicle, aggravated battery leading to great bodily injury, and receiving or transferring of a stolen motor vehicle.

Makayla Grijalva | News-Bulletin photo
Procopio Montoya, 23, was arrested Monday after Belen police chased him through the city’s streets. Montoya shot the driver of a red, vintage Chevy pickup truck at the intersection of NM 47 and River Road in Rio Communities in an attempt to continue to flee before he was apprehended by the officers.

According to Belen Deputy Chief José Natividad, officers responded to a vehicle blocking the roadway on South Main Street in Belen when the driver of the vehicle began to flee.

Officers identified the driver as Montoya, who also has numerous outstanding felony arrest warrants throughout Valencia County. Officers continued the chase, zigzagging through the city’s streets.

As Montoya was about to drive out of town, going east on River Road towards Manzano Expressway, he made a U-turn, coming to a stop behind two vehicles at the intersection of NM 47 and River Road.

Montoya got out of his vehicle and attempted to enter the vehicle in front of him, but found himself unsuccessful. He then tried to enter the next vehicle in line, a vintage Chevy pick-up truck, and was able to gain access.

“Somewhere during that altercation with the driver, (Montoya) discharged a firearm, striking the man in the lower abdomen area,” Natividad told the News-Bulletin at the scene. “My car came into contact, stopping the vehicle — the white car — and that’s when the man was able to break free and the subject. Procopio, was pulled out and placed into custody, along with his accomplice, who was in the bed of the truck.”

Although the accomplice was originally placed into custody, BPD did not charge them since the individual was threatened by Montoya to participate.

Montoya was serving probation for previous charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon resulting in great bodily harm or death, two assault charges, a battery charge, receiving or transferring a motor vehicle, aggravated assault on a peace office, criminal damage to property and aggravated fleeing of law enforcement.

He also had two warrants for his arrest through the Belen Police Department for armed robbery, as well as several other felony arrest warrants throughout the county, according to Natividad.

The deputy chief said the  male victim is currently being treated at an Albuquerque hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries.

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