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Everyone has angels guiding them through life — that’s what Jerry Banister, an innovative speaker from Edgewood believes.

On Monday, July 10, Banister will lead a special seminar at the Moose Lodge in the Del Rio Plaza in Rio Communities on how to work with your angels.

“People are out there crying for help and not getting it,” Banister said. “I want to introduce everyone to group work, so people can come together and do healing.”

Banister helps people listen to their angels, or inner guidance. “They find a new awareness of how to get a direct answer from their angels. It’s such a rewarding and fulfilling experience to be able to do that,” he said.

Often times, people think so much about everything around them that they forget the bigger issue, Banister said.

“We forget us,” he said. “When we’re tense, we can’t listen. Listening to our angels helps people relax more inside and to be more at ease.”

Do you ever get a certain gut feeling that tells you when and when not to do something? Have you ever experienced chills at the most unexpected moment?

“When a person gets a feeling — and doesn’t follow it — that’s the angels. When you listen to them, things fall into place,” Banister said. “Those chills are your angels close by.”

According to Banister, angels never take away free will. “They give us light, medium and strong signs,” he said. “If we don’t listen, many times we learn the hard way.”

At the young age of 10, Banister first started listening to his angels and following their advice. A unique experience caused him to begin listening.

“All my life, I’ve used it. Angels have saved my life and taken me out of dangerous situations,” he said.

In 1963, Banister reached a point where his angels lent an important helping hand. His mother was about to embark on a trip, and Banister had the sudden urge to remind her to wear her seatbelt.

That night, a drunk driver collided with his mother’s vehicle and was killed instantly. Banister’s mother walked away with only a scratch.

He joined the inner-peace movement in 1969 and began helping others communicate with their own angels. For the past 34 years, Banister has traveled to different countries giving lectures about angels. He says it’s easy for him to see where people are headed.

Just how many angels does every person have? Banister says he can tell you, through a personal profile session, if an angel is whispering in your ear.

“Some people have two or four. Others have ten. The more people we have in our lives, the more people change, and you need more angels to help,” he said.

According to Banister, there are four inner guide profile types — the prophetic, the visionary, the intuitive and the feeling. People have all four with them, he says, but one type is always more predominant.

The prophetic type is relaxed, and nothing bothers them. They can know what’s going to happen 15 to 20 years from now. They have the gift of prophecy, he said.

Visionaries are very attuned to pictures and photographs, which Banister says, trigger memories.

The intuitive are driven by wanting to understand the world around them. “They just need to understand everything. They want all the facts,” he said.

The feeling type love details — they feel secure by finding out details. They have a healing touch, he said.

Woody Crumbo of Los Lunas experienced his first brush with angel work 10 years ago at one of Banister’s lectures.

“I couldn’t believe what I heard,” Crumbo said. “He put everything together so wonderfully. I saw how human beings could plug this into their life’s work. Anyone in any spectrum of life could do this.”

Listening to his angels has changed Crumbo’s life for the better.

“I feel more comfortable. My angels will help me do anything I want, as long as it’s not injurious or harmful to anyone else,” he said. “From birth to death, they are with me my whole lifetime and into the next realm.”

Sandi Copeland, who owns Caring Touch Therapy Center in Belen, says she has experienced spiritual growth from Banister’s angel sessions.

“I’ve always known I’ve had guidance,” Copeland said. “But when Jerry did my profile for me, he let me know how many I had. That was confirmation for me. I needed that extra boost to know for sure. Now, I am doing what I love.”

Copeland says she is anxiously spreading the word and wants to start group sessions in Valencia County.

The 12-week program will “allow us to look at ourselves,” she said. “We will study our background to discover who we are and where we’d like to go.”

Banister invites the public to come and find out more about how they can learn to know their angels. His lecture at the Belen Moose Lodge at Del Rio Plaza in Rio Communities on Monday starts at 7 p.m. The cost for the hour-long lecture will be $10. Call Sandi Copeland at 861-7000 for more information.

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