Wedding licenses applied for at the Valencia County clerk’s office. Date is of application.

Dec. 10

Frederick R. Jaramillo of Bosque Farms and Deanna M. Heath of Los Lunas.

James Earl Williams of Stratford, Texas and Charlotte Hall of Los Lunas.

Dec. 11

Jared S. Chilimidos and Andrea L. Chavez, both of Belen.

Dec. 12

Chris B. Brey and Nikki R. Snelson, both of Los Lunas.

Arthur J. Armijo and Shelley M. Finley of Los Lunas.

Dec. 13

Richard A. Turrietta and Bonnie L. Martinez, both of Belen.

Kevin M. Morris and Devon Martinez, both of Los Lunas.

Mario G. Fernandez and Angela Gallegos, both of Belen.

Dec. 14

Thomas J. Zamora and Andrea Chavez, both of Los Lunas.

Dec. 17

Jarrett C. Vandi of Los Lunas and Lorretta E. Koski of Albuquerque.

Daniel Vidana and Maria L. Dominguez, both of Belen.

Troy T. Lowe and Stephanie L. Cupp, both of Los Lunas.

Dec. 19

Richard Isaac Valenzuela and Shawna Marie Lortz, both of Los Lunas.

Dec. 20

Steven P. Waghorn and Francesca M. Sanchez, both of Los Lunas.

Dec. 21

Christopher N. Johnson of Albuquerque aand Misty M. Stewart of Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.

Shawn James McDonald and Idarmis Perea, both of Los Lunas.

Raymond C. Mendoza and Lena M. Vasco, both of Albuquerque.

Javier A. Ramos-Camacho and Alicia S. Menjuga, both of Albuquerque.

Marcus R. Gurule of Belen and Kerrilyn R. Parker of Albuquerque.

Vincent Lee Lucero and Andrea N. Ludwin, both of Albuquerque.

Dec. 26

Stefano Messignan of Villafalletio, Cn. and KyAnn Kimsey of Winslow, Az.

Dec. 27

Ray N. Hodge of Peralta and Brigitta A. Amundsen of Los Lunas.

Dec. 28

Richard G. Patterson and Winona Loyette Hollar, both of Los Lunas.

Martin Villalobos and Lupe E. Tapia, both of Belen.

Fred Carbajal and Renee Davison, both of Los Lunas.

Oscar Julio Enriquez and Judith C. Rivera, both of Carnuel.

Jan. 2

Steve E. Ethridge and Liana Betty Minez, both of Belen.

Timothy P. Sanchez and Michele L. Carpenter, both of Los Lunas.

Jan. 4.

Michael M. Dolgin of Albuquerque and Shirley J. Mignalli of Belen.

Larry Alcon and Mary Ann Rebecca Moya, both of Los Lunas.

Jan. 9

Abraham A. Soto and Stephanie R. Molina, both of Veguita.

Jan. 11

Wade E. Turner of Belen and Noelle M. Kaiser of Albuq-uerque.

Angelo M. Maes and Roberta A. Gutierrez , both of Belen.

Mark D. Brooks and Judy L. Brooks, both of Los Lunas.

Charles V. Moore and Christian R. Aragon, both of Vetuita.

Dennis J. Mummert of Belen and Linda B. Hicks of Albuquerque.

Martin Montano and Martha Sanchez, both of Albuquerque.

Jan. 14

Peter Garcia and Gabriela Garcia, both of Rio Rancho.

Nino Trujillo and Gloria T. Ortiz, both of Los Lunas.

Jan. 16

George B. Van Dielen and Christy Eiler, both of Los Lunas.

Jan. 18

William R. Walker and Alanna A. Tsang, both of Belen.

Jose T. Sanchez and Theresa M. Silva, both of Belen.

Dustin Patrick Armstrong of San Diego and Ricki L. Switzer of Los Lunas.

Jan. 22

Bradley M. Ahlgrim and Jenny S. Lewis, both of Los Lunas.

James Butler of Los Lunas and Michelle Lynn Irving of Belen

Vance L. Major and Leeann Major, both of Los Lunas.

Jan. 23

Cesar Saul Trujillo and Jennifer Michelle Kirk, both of Los Lunas.

Jan. 24

Abel Lueras and Nadine E. Marquez, both of Los Lunas.

Jan. 25

Antonio E. Barragan and Gloria Elva Venegas, both of Belen.

Johnny R. Sapien and Gina M. Wheeler, both of Belen.

Antonio E. Leal and Adriana Pacheco, both of Albuquerque.

Delvin W. Helgeson and Michelle J. Boyce, both of Los Lunas.

Jan. 28

Juan Ricardo Garcia Jr. and Melissa A. Lucero, both of Isleta.

Jan. 29

Frank Aragon and Flora T. Grose, both of Los Lunas.

Cory James Kerr of Belen and Nicole Renee Johnson of Los Lunas.

Richard C. George and Brevaude E. Waldrop, both of Veguita.

Jan. 30

Pete Apodaca of Albuquerque and Elizabeth C. Martinez of Belen.

Adam Anderson and Anjoli D. Guthrie, both of Albuquerque.

Rito-Antonio Arias and Nancy P. Moctezuma, both of Los Lunas.

Denny L. Mitchell andMichelle H. Sanchez, both of Bosque Farms.

Jan. 31

Daniel Eric Montoya and Regina Gerardette Sedillos, both of Los Lunas.

Arthur R. Mireles and Lavenus D. Haynes, both of Los Lunas.

Feb. 1

Michael D. Woods and Darla R. Bland, both of Los Lunas.

Daniel M. Lucero and Cecilia Balladares Torres, both of Belen.

Collen D. Meek and Nicole Cherry, both of Los Lunas.

Feb. 4

Lloyd J. Reynolds of Isleta and Gerriann M. Garcia of Los Lunas.

Roy Rubalcada and Gloria J. Cummins, both of Belen.

Patrick Wolf R. Cresap and Rachelle Marie Myers, both of Belen.

Feb. 7

Jason T. Bennett and Jennifer A. Matthews, both of Los Lunas.

Feb. 8

Eric L. Carpenter and Patricia Elizbeth Cobb, both of Los Lunas.

John A. Montez and Michelle J. Maestas, both of Belen.

Jesus A. Ticona and Cordelia L. Lucero, both of Albuquerque.

Leslie G. Pacheco and Sonya M Chavez, both of Los Lunas.

Cesar Benitez Jr. of Alhambra, Ca. and Jaime Lynn Bossard of Bosque Farms.

Louis C. Arbuckle and Leslie C. Aguilar, both of Los Lunas.

Feb. 11

Steve Vandiver and Linda Parsons, both of Mountainair.

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