“Rebel Without a Cause” debuts on Thursday and Friday, March 14 and 15, at 7 p.m. in the Los Lunas High School auditorium. Tickets are $3 each and can be purchased at the door.

Director: Doris Vialpando

Assistant Director: Kari Pyszko

Techies: Michael Zamora, Noah Soloman, Christine Chee, Amanda Garcia, James Mendlicott


In order of appearance

  • Buzz Gunderson-Tim Montoya
  • Jim Stark-Demet Vialpando
  • Officer Mullen-James Glover
  • Judy Brown-Serena Martinez
  • Plato-Chris Walsh
  • Mrs. David-Theresa Lopez
  • Ray-Angela Lajeuesse
  • Mr. Stark-Nathan Marquez
  • Mrs. Stark-Tiffany Zamora
  • Grandma-Hilary Maez
  • Belle-Isabel Archuleta
  • Miss Hannington-Heather Maez
  • Crunch-Claudio Chavez
  • Goon-Antone Martinez
  • Moose-Jeremy Diaz
  • Helen-Erin Cook
  • Millie-Amber LaChioma
  • Lecturer-Frances Torres
  • Mr. Brown-Matt Wylie
  • Mrs. Brown-Megan Coleman
  • Officer One-Ryan Fickett
  • Officer Two-Ashley Sego
  • Extras-Andrea Quinn and Jordan Heyden

Stage Crew

Stage Manager Jessica Reynoso, Celina Trujillo, Margaret Rodgers, Mila Stubblefield, Josh Lachioma, Dana Heeter, Nicole Gentry, Matt Garcia, Lacey McKinley, Erika Lakey


Adrienne Morrison, Chealse Wernke and the entire cast.

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