Buying gas in county


I’ve been commuting to Albuquerque for almost 40 years.

I use a lot of gas; it is extremely disheartening to have to pay 25 to 30 cents more a gallon than in Albuquerque and Los Lunas. I have tried to bring my money and sales tax back to Belen but our local gas stations all interestingly have the same prices, maybe a few pennies off.

I thought a big chain like Loves would bring some competition but they are highway exit opportunists just like some of the Los lunas exit guys.

That one Chevron station in Los Lunas, yikes! It’s usually 50 cent higher. Last week, two Los Lunas exit stations were $1.95 a gallon. The lowest in Belen was $2.19. Never again.

Ronald Besante


Time to come together


Many years ago, I completed a 3 1/2 year tour of duty as a Green Beret Paratrooper at Ft. Bragg, N.C.

I was ready to fulfill my plan and return to Santa Rita, N.M., to continue my education at a post-secondary institution; exactly what I had promised my parents I would do.

While on active duty, sadly, I witnessed what I believe was a rapid and negative acceleration of the country’s foreign relations: Vietnam, Cuba, Russia, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Cold War and now, the Middle East.

I was disturbed because it appeared that the Vietnam debacle was going to be replayed in different parts of the world and that the service many had performed in order that our families live peaceful and tranquil lives, to some degree, was in danger.

Yes, the country eventually withdrew from South East Asia, sadly, not victorious but, certainly after giving the fray one hell of a shot. This action taken however, did not take place before thousands of lives, friend and foe, were lost or mangled physically and mentally.

The Lord was not happy with the bloodshed, but, very pleased to see it end. We had not learned from the French experience in Vietnam.

No sooner were we out of Southeast Asia when other cracks appeared in the dam and, worse, very dangerous cracks in the country’s social structure, cracks that endangered our freedom of expression and clearly revealed to our enemies that, perhaps, we were not as united and as strong as we believed.

Now, truth be told, today, I am equally worried about the internal, civil dissension being exacerbated by our own power-hungry colleagues.

Certainly, beginning with the 1960s, we have witnessed a phenomenon that shows us that anymore, the enemy we fear is amongst us. It was finally forced to show its ugly face.

And, it is clear to me that all of us in some form, have contributed to the toxicity. I worry for all of us but, mainly worry for our young people who will soon face the real world.

It is shameful and beneath us that “adults” have created a society where young people hesitate to express their beliefs for fear of severe repercussions to include physical and mental injury. This is true throughout the social structure and especially true at our post-secondary institutions where professors and administrators believe it’s their way or the highway.

These institutions may still be considered “Ivory Towers” but they no longer truly serve the original mission on which they were founded.

Thankfully, critical thinking skills are still taught. However, it is done in a twisted and convoluted manner such that conformity to the professors’ thinking and beliefs are woven into the syllabi. And, don’t you dare question their motives if you don’t want to be ridiculed or fail the course. They know what is best for you.

Permit me to close by pleading with all to come together for your peace of mind, more tranquil lives for all especially the young and, of course the country; come together and resolve the conundrum.

John Lopez

Bosque Farms

Thank you, Valencia County residents


Once again we would like to thank all of you who gave so generously to our food pantry this past Christmas season.

We began this ministry in 2006 and it continues to grow. We would also like to thank our many volunteers who rang the Salvation Army bells at the Belen Walmart; we simply could not be successful without you’re help.

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring our efforts to collect donations. All that is donated goes to buy food that is distributed monthly for many needy families in our area throughout the year. The need is so great.

The Lord has blessed our church with workers who give of their time all year to make this ministry a success!

Mary Lou Dallas

First Assembly of God, Belen Food Pantry

Rotary appreciation


The Rotary Club of Los Lunas would like to thank Walmart in Los for hosting their annual Clothes for Kids event this past December.

Every December, before the schools go on Christmas vacation, the Rotary Club purchases $100 of children’s clothing for the children from families in financial need.

This year, we invited 80 children from the Los Lunas School District, spending a total of up to $8,000. For some of these children, this was the highlight of their Christmas.

On behalf of these children, their families and the entire Los Lunas community, the Rotary Club of Los Lunas would like to thank Walmart in Los Lunas for hosting and supporting this great program. Note that Walmart has been doing this for the past 20 years.

Sincere thanks to the entire Walmart team!

George Greenlee

The Rotary Club of Los Lunas

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