Appreciated history


This letter is for residents of Valencia, Belen, Tomé and the Rio Puerco area to thank you for building our San Felipe Church in Old Town Albuquerque in 1703.

Included are some historical facts of how this occurred. All these communities built temporary, small homes with about three rooms to house them for the duration of their work.

Our 1793 Moya home was built then with a lava rock foundation, similar to the San Felipe Church, which had the previous name of San Francisco Xavier.

To all these wonderful families involved, we wish to thank you for carrying out the governor’s command. How cohesively did they work together, without pay. Governor Fernando de la Concha is also credited with a belated thank you.

May you receive our gratefulness.

Emma Moya


A transition of power


On Jan. 1, 2020, there will be at two new councilors (on the Belen Board of Education).

We should be hopeful that there will be a peaceful transition of leadership and responsibility in our city. A new decade, a new government, a new path forward for Belen.

If what took place at (a recent) city council meeting is any indication of what is to come, a smooth and peaceful transition may not be in our future. As incumbent councilors are beginning to feel the realization that their time in the spotlight is ending soon, they are not going down without a fight and are taking shots to sabotage those that will remain or join the council for their first term.

It was clearly communicated that releasing the written investigation report of the police chief could open the city of Belen up for potential lawsuits — something that the city and its residents cannot afford, yet several of the councilors voted to release it anyway in what appears to be a spiteful move of malice.

This type of destructive governance is despicable. Belen has much bigger issues to solve including, broken roads, an understaffed and overworked police force, and a community desperately working to recover from decades of decline. With all of these pressing issues, and against the protective advice of their own attorneys to not release the investigation, several of the long tenured councilors voted to release it any way.

The results of this petty action could have larger negative ramifications for the city and her citizens. One solution would have been to abstain at this meeting, move the agenda item to a later date, and allow the new leadership to handle such important items that will be completed during their tenure, not to act out of emotion, political destructiveness or for revenge.

Belen’s citizens need to see and feel the unification of our council, our people and our government. It appears that new leadership cannot arrive on the council soon enough.

This city deserves city councilors that think big, act on behalf of the citizens first and check their ego’s at the door!

Yvette Sanchez


Help appreciated


On Sunday, Nov. 10, I had a tire blowout. My wife and I pulled into the Los Lunas Middle school parking lot, next to the fire department and called a friend for help.

I am handicapped and have a hard time bending down. My friend said it would be an hour.

John Gabaldon, the Los Lunas fire chief, and three of the Los Lunas basketball team players walked over and ask if they could help. Needless to say, with their help, along with fireman Kris Garcia, they got the tire changed.

I think we think fireman as first responders who only respond to fires and medical emergencies. But I have a greater appreciation now, for the kindness and help they will offer in any situation.

Thanks again John, Kris and the three young men from the Los Lunas basketball team.

Jim and Shirley Ray

Los Lunas

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