Rio Communities — The city of Rio Communities is looking at its future, and has prioritized projects from 2025-29.

The Rio Communities City Council unanimously approved its Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan, which includes everything from equipment, streetlights and beautification projects.

said they are focusing on projects that will help the citizens.

Rio Communities City Hall

“We have received encouragement from state leadership and the governor’s office to choose projects that are shovel ready,” Moore said.

The city’s top priority is completing the Rio Communities City Hall multi-purpose complex. The city has been working on the building for years, and still needs to complete the renovation. The city estimates the project will cost an additional $$3,950,000 to complete.

The second project on the list is for streetlights, which is expected to cost $3.5 million.

A project the city leaders have hoped to get off the ground comes in at No. 3. The council is hoping to receive funds in the amount of $2.5 million over the course of four years to possibly purchase land for parks and trails.

“We’re serious about quality of life for our children and senior citizens,” Moore told the councilors and mayor. “They want places to play and exercise.”

The fourth priority is a storm water and drainage infrastructure project, which could cost $4 million.

The fifth project on the list is for a public safety complex for police, fire and EMS facility. The city estimates the cost to be $4,350,000.

Other projects on Rio Communities’ list, include:

  • Public safety equipment, $3,031,488
  • Pavement reconstruction, $4,947,197
  • Public works complex, $1,550,000
  • Roadway beautification, $2,260,000
  • Roadways, trails, paths and sidewalks, $7,100,000

“I’ve been here for 2 1/2 years, and we’re looking at our future — pushing out further than the 10-to-20 year mark,” Moore said.

“I think this is a great improvement and we’re moving forward as a city,” said City Councilor Art Apodaca.

Councilor Peggy Gutjahr reminded her fellow councilors that while they are asking the Legislature for funding, they also have to look to other resources for grants to fund these project.

“It’s been drilled into our heads that we have to have a plan before we can begin to design and construct,” Gutjahr said.

“This shows what the priorities are for city government,” said Rio Communities Mayor Joshua Ramsell. “The last item on our list, that we didn’t discuss but we have in previous years, is the county has created a flood prevention system, and they’ve asked the municipalities to help fund it. At some point, we’ll be able to be in that position to help.”

The estimated cost for a flood prevention system in Valencia County is $67,641,368.

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