BELEN — Two brothers have been charged in the shooting death of a Belen man.

William Rogers, 21, and his brother, Charles Rogers, 19, both of Belen are both charged with second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder. As of Tuesday morning, the two brothers were being held on a no-bond hold at the Valencia County Detention Center.

According to the statement of probable cause filed in magistrate court, Belen police officers received a dispatch of a shooting at about 10 p.m., Friday, June 17, on the 700 block of South First Street. When the officers arrived, EMS personnel worked on the victim, later identified as 47-year-old Mauro Pillado, of Belen, for about 30 minutes before he was pronounced dead.

Charles Rogers

William Rogers

During an interview with the brothers, Charles told BPD Detective Joe Rodriguez that he saw a car parked with its headlights on.

“… When he got out to open his gate to his property, the same car had drove up slowly and parked behind his brother’s truck,” the court filings state. “When Charles asked (Pillado) if there was a problem, Pillado replied ‘Yes, you are my problem.’”

According to court documents, Charles whispered to his brother to get his gun, and the younger brother walked back to the passenger’s side of the truck and got his firearm.

“Both males approached Pillado and pointed their guns at him, and told him he had to leave now,” wrote the detective in the statement of probable cause. “That’s when (Pillado) tried to grab or slap the gun away. Charles then fired one shot at Pillado. Charles said his brother (William) shot at the male as well.”

Charles told the detective Pillado “got mad and opened his door and attempted to get out of his vehicle and Charles shot (three) more times.”

When William checked for Pillado’s pulse, he told his brother, Charles to call 911. William then called their father and a friend from their church group.

“When Charles was asked why they didn’t go inside instead of approaching (Pillado), he stated he didn’t want the male to go inside his property or try to go inside their house,” the court documents read. “He wanted (Pillado) to leave. He also stated he knew that the male was acting like he was on something because of the look in his eyes.”

The statement of probable cause also states William told detectives “the same thing as his brother Charles did.”

The court document said BPD officers found five spent casings on the ground between the brothers’ pickup truck and the victim’s vehicle, and two 9 mm caliber semi-automatic firearms in the brothers’ vehicle.

Pillado was shot multiple times, on his chest, shoulder and left ear.

Pillado lived down the street from the Rogers brothers, who lived with their parents, said Belen Police Chief James Harris.

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