Freedom of speech


The letter to the editor by former mayor Jerah Cordova on Jan. 20 exposes a character flaw of his, hubris.

Knowingly, he argues against free speech. I would suggest the former mayor reread the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution giving everyone the right to freedom of opinion and expression, not just him.

His regrettable attack leveled at the editor of the News-Bulletin, Clara Garcia, was despicable and unwarranted.

The letter to the editor by Maggy Fitzgerald on Jan. 13 focuses criticism for self-serving public projects. Her letter expressed her concerns as well as those of many others in our community that rejected his choices for mayor and council in the recent elections.

Jerah’s anger spilling out affirms the choice of the voters to reject a continuation of business as usual.

Chris Chavez, Belen


Entitled to opinions


The responses from Judy Chicago, Donald Woodman, Jerah Cordova and Danny Bernal in regards to Belen resident, Maggy Fitzgerald’s letter to the editor the previous week, were over the top.

It seems people get their little feelings hurt and the best solution to that is not to have little feelings. Jerah Cordova’s attack on Clara Garcia was childish at best.

The page is titled “Opinion.” I guess Jerah would like the Valencia County News-Bulletin to censor those opinions that don’t agree with his. People are entitled to differences of opinions without being demonized and degraded, but Jerah apparently doesn’t see it that way.

Danny Bernal Jr. sounds very self important. I believe Belen’s greatest economy was before he was born.

A thriving art community is a positive quality-of-life component to Belen. I don’t think it is an effective engine for the economic development and growth that our city needs, in spite of the good intentions of those involved.

A wise karate master advised his students to “avoid self conceit and dogmatism.” This advice was certainly not followed by the writers of these letters.

Richard Long, Adelino


A democratic process


A recent letter, “It’s time to retire the Electoral College,” misstates how presidential elections work.

Only two states, Maine and Nebraska, use the vote within congressional districts to choose presidential electors. Every other state chooses all its electors together based on the statewide vote. This means that drawing congressional district lines has almost no effect on the election.

Even more important, the Electoral College is a democratic process — it is not controlled by politicians, unprincipled or otherwise. It is a two-step election, where we vote within our states to choose electors who then vote for president.

Many other nations use similar processes, and for good reason. The two-step democratic election prevents regional or small-plurality winners, forcing our politics to be more national and moderate than it might be otherwise.

The Electoral College is part of our original Constitution and has served our nation well.

Trent England, Oklahoma City, Okla.




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