Gun restrictions 


With the interest in the constitutional violation of the New Mexico governor I would like to address her citing crime as justification for her action.  

In July 1975 the Albuquerque Police department went on strike; KOAT television news anchor, Dick Knipfing, announced that the pawn shops in Albuquerque had run out of handguns. A later news item stated that crime was down 65 percent. It seems the governor doesn’t remember that. 

On the subject of concealed carry, in the 1970s Howard K. Smith was telling the world we shouldn’t allow concealed firearms. He stated, “If a man is walking down the street with a shotgun, you would see it and leave him alone.”  

Isn’t that the point? Shouldn’t everyone be respected and left alone? I think he just made the point for concealed carry. 

True to being a typical liberal the governor tried to tie the crime problem to something totally unrelated, a health issue. She may have hit something I was unaware of; my hunting success has dropped off the last few years.  

I thought it was because I’m 74 and have had some health issues that have limited my mobility and endurance, but it may be because I’ve not taken my rifle for a doctor’s checkup for several years.   

So much for history and humor, we need to examine our political indoctrinations and choices and examine the two Ps of government candidates. Not party affiliation but policies. 

As a toady for Joe Biden, I believe the governor is trying to incite civil unrest so martial law can be invoked and the future election can be suspended, which I think could lead to open rebellion. Gun regulations are unpopular and cannot be put in place any other way. Our forefathers put the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights to keep politicians in check. 

There have been many so indoctrinated for “party” allegiance we have not taken time to truly examine what the parties stand for, or we vote for the “lesser” of two evils; evil is still evil. 

I was not an early supporter of Donald Trump but he has exposed the “uniparty” of government officials in Washington that have been shafting the American people for years. 


Donald Newport 

Los Lunas 


Abuse of power 


Well, what we have here is a full-fledged totalitarian governor in New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham.   

In July, she tells us that we’ll be able to only purchase electric vehicles in the near future; her new rules will say that car dealers can only have EVs on their lots to sell. No choices for the bourgeoisie or proletariat.  

Apparently, the tyrannical MLG believes that she can completely ignore both the U.S. Constitution and the N.M. Constitution as per her recent actions regarding the Second Amendment.    

Our governor has stated, “Constitutional rights are not absolute.” Then she must believe that as long as she declares a public health emergency, she can take away any of our rights as citizens. Her abuse of power is way out of control. 

The N.M. governor declared a ban on guns in Albuquerque for 30 days under a public health emergency to stop gun violence. But it only took away guns for law-abiding citizens.   

Did she really think that criminals would put away their guns just because she said so? How ignorant is that? 

Many lawsuits followed her declaration but, in the end, a Biden-appointed Democrat judge shot her down (pun).  Even Democrats were appalled at her trashing of the constitution.  

Our constitutional rights are not subject to change based on the whims of an anti-gun politician looking to score political points. 

The bottom line is that the N.M. Legislature needs to take away her powers under the guise of public health emergency, but of course, that may never happen since the Dems in the Legislature kowtow to her majesty’s slightest whims.  

MLG has made national headlines over the gun ban. It makes one wonder if it was her motive to make her name well-known to the powers that be in Washington, D.C.  But they must already know her. She got married in D.C. with the vice president officiating; she had surgery done in D.C., all of which she has the right to do.   

But what’s wrong with doing those things in New Mexico? It’s like she wants to put New Mexico in her rear-view mirror on her way to fame and fortune in the Democrat Party.  

But after her debacle over trampling of the constitution, maybe even the Dems won’t want her and they shouldn’t. Is there an impeachment in her future? 


Donna Crawford 


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