Differing view points 


After reading Mr. Ron Lahti letter in response to mine, I feel I must insist that our founding fathers were indeed conventional Christians, and not Deists. 

I don’t want to get into dueling degrees here, but I suspect Mr. Lahti has gotten his information on our founders from sources that I am not familiar with, such as revisionist historians. The fact that Mr. Lahti advises me to go to The Anti-Defamation League or the Southern Poverty Law Center tells me he, is himself, is politically liberal, and probably holds a world view very different from mine.  

The claim that there is a resurgence of White supremacist hate, and a proliferation of hate groups in our country, disguising themselves as Christian political conservatives, is a bit paranoid on his part. He sees conservative politics and Christianity as the antithesis of liberal progressive ideology, and indeed they are diametrically opposed.  

The polarization of our nation has come about because our citizen’s world-views have changed. No longer is America a predominately Christian nation, accepting a Judeo-Christian world view, holding to a set of social norms everybody can agree with. Many Americans now hold world views that are anti-Biblical in nature and militate against the old social norms. 

However, I think that calling the opposition haters because they disagree with you is name calling. Characterizing Christian conservatives as nationalists (Nazis), and White supremacists, and perceiving a growing proliferation of these ideologies where there are few, is an example of liberal progressive fear-mongering and propaganda from Marxist Critical Theory, and that’s the main threat to our democracy and our way of life today. 

Understanding your opponent’s world view enables a person to understand their motives and what underlies their beliefs and actions, so you can stop thinking they are just willfully stupid or evil, and come to the debate ready to talk like civilized people. 

We may not ever be able to come to a compromise because each side would have to compromise their core values, but it will be better without the name-calling, mud-slinging and fear-mongering. 


Amanda Blevins-Tibbetts 

Los Lunas 


Thanks for your help 


The Valencia County Senior Olymics Board of Directors would like to thank the following donors for their most generous support: 

Rudy Jaramillo, Casey and staff from Rutilio’s Restaurant from Rutilios, Belen, for catering our “Cruisin’ in The Park” banquet. 

Joanna Salisbury and staff at Caliente Designs for designing the medals, T-shirts, caps and visors! 

Rose Poitras, director of Bosque Farms Community Center for the use of the facility for line dance class! 

Lydia Maldonado, operation manager for Valencia County for the use of the Belen Senior Center facility for line dance class and cornhole. 

Lupe Montano, director of the Rio Communities Center for the use of the facility for line dance class and the 8 Ball Pool event. 

Tyler Garrett at All Time Fitness for the use of the gym for the Steppin’ Line Dance Team. 

Freida Sinclair, director of the Moose Lodge in Rio Communities, Annette Sandlin, president of the Moose Lodge Rio Communities, and Mary Kolesar for sponsoring a fundraiser for the Steppin’ Line Dance Team and for the use of their facility for line dance class. 

Wayne Gallegos for providing the music for the “Forever Crusin’” banquet. 

Jubilee Los Lunas for the use of the facility for the bocce ball event and the pickle ball event. 

Valencia High School and Jennifer Otero for the use of their performing art center auditorium for the Forever Cruisin’ Dance Event.  

Mike Montoya for graphic design and music. 

Silva Lanes Bowling Center, Albuquerque, for the use of their facility. 

Belen Family Dentistry and Dr. Jayson Garcia-Gurule for their most generous monetary donation for our silent auction. 

Romero Funeral Home and Dickie Romero for their most generous monetary donation to our silent auction. 

All those who donated to our “Forever Cruisin’” silent auction. 

The village of Los Lunas and Jorge Venegas, sports coordinator for Senior Olympics, and staff. 

And lastly, to all our Valencia County Senior Olympians who came out to support senior Olympics through their participation in the Senior Olympic County Games! 

Thank you everyone for your most gracious support! 


Yvonne Montoya 


Valencia County Senior Olympics 

Board of Directors 

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